WISD Athletic Director Greg Reed held a called meeting with parents of WHS boys basketball players Thursday night at Waxahachie High School’s Little Theater to address concerns about WHS varsity boys head coach Damien Mobley’s resignation. WHS principal Dr. Al Benskin was also in attendance.

Mobley resigned Monday, but his official last day is June 3 and parents were vocal in both their confusion surrounding Mobley’s resignation, with particular concern over his recent new contract signing. Mobley’s contract was originally renewed two weeks ago.

Of primary concern was the stability of the players and their sons. There was a clear dialogue of disappointment in their comments surrounding the lack of information regarding his resignation.

Reed and Benskin both acknowledged those concerns, but cited regulations surrounding confidentially laws that prohibited them from speaking about the specifics of any alleged investigations surrounding Mobley’s resignation as well as personnel matters.

Many of the parents expressed concern that it would be difficult to bring in another new coach who possessed the motivational skills and ability to get exposure for potential Division I student-athletes that Mobley was capable of doing. There was concern the boys basketball program would be considerably impacted because of the loss of players from the junior high level up to the varsity level. Several current varsity players were on hand at the meeting and acknowledged concerns about morale and attrition as athletes dropped out of the program.

Reed noted that WISD would post a position and actively seek the best coach possible for WHS, noting that no decision had been made or considered on a replacement, and that they had no one under consideration now. WISD has to publically post an open position for 10 days by law before hiring a new coach.

Parents in attendance also expressed anger over the validity of a letter that Mobley was to have read to players at a meeting to announce his resignation. Parents advised Reed and Benskin that Mobley personally told some of the parents in attendance that he did not write the letter, and was given the letter by administration to read.

Reed and Benskin both were aware of the letter, and expressed no reason to believe that anyone other than Mobley had authored the letter.

Parents spoke of the frustration and dejection that their sons were feeling. Some expressed a desire to quit the program.

Benskin noted he had seen the improvement in attitude during the past two years with Mobley at the helm, and told parents he had an open door policy and would be glad to speak with them, and noted that counselors were available to help student-athletes grapple with the sudden resignation, if that service was needed.

While little was resolved during the meeting, there was consensus that upcoming decisions should and would have the best interest of the student-athletes as the primary concern.

To hear audio clips from the heated meeting, visit www.waxahachietx.com.