WHS Runnin' Indians sophomore Quad'tavius Donalson

EDITOR’S NOTE: To help celebrate Waxahachie ISD athletes who are following the R.E.A.L. Leader philosophy brought in by Indians head football coach Jon Kitna and adopted by athletic director Greg Reed, Waxahachie athletic coaches have picked top athletes who exhibit the ability to Reject passivity, Empathize with others, Accept responsibility and Lead courageously.

A R.E.A.L. Leader Q&A will appear in the Daily Light sports section each week’s Sunday Sports Extra, allowing coaches from all sports to share and brag about their stand-up athletes. This week, Derek Coulson, the Waxahachie High School Runnin’ Indians junior varsity head basketball coach, honors sophomore Quad’tavius Donalson a 16-year Waxahachie resident. Donalson considers his brother Treyvon Hughes his role model.

“Growing up it was a competition between us who would be the better athlete,” Donalson said.

Coach Coulson, you recognized Donalson was a R.E.A.L. Leader for the week. What did this leader do that stood out to you and what made you choose her as a real Leader?

Coulson: Quad’tavius is a well-balanced student-athlete. He is humble, kind and respectful as a person but also has intangibles of aggressiveness and toughness which translate well when playing basketball.

How does this athlete live the four pillars of being a R.E.AL. Leader?

Coulson: Quad’tavius’ most obvious leadership trait is his ability to lead with a positive work ethic and attitude.

The R.E.A.L. Leaders philosophy is based on the idea it takes a village to change a culture. How does Donalson promote a positive culture inside the locker room and in the community, and encourage her peers to do the same?

Coulson: Quad’tavius is the first guy in the locker room to verbally pick up a teammate who is down about something, to diffuse tense situations with opponents by stepping up for his teammates, and to balance high energy and aggression with self-deprecating humor.

In adulthood, accountability is a key component. How does he best personify that value to promote success in the classroom, in sporting events and in life?

Coulson: Quad’tavius’ work ethic is unmatched both academically and athletically. He is our only athlete to earn all A’s and B’s for his whole sophomore year. He is our strongest JV athlete in the weight room due to his willingness to push his body’s strength and flexibility to its limits. He is also our only three-sport athlete: he is a varsity linebacker and runs sprinting events in track.

What is one characteristic that Donalson believes every leader should possess?

Coulson: Quad’tavius believes that a leader should have humility.

What has been the impact of her attitude on the team’s success?

Coulson: Consistency is his best quality as far as attitude and effort. There is no drama with Quad’tavius, only improvement.