As we enter into the dog days of summer, and some of the hottest days of the year, I can’t help but look forward to the relief that fall — hopefully — will soon bring.

Summer just doesn’t have the same appeal to me it used to.

I’ve noticed that summer feels hotter than I remember. I don’t know whether my tolerance for the summer heat has gone down or if I am just more aware of it.

When I was younger, summer felt impossibly long, with the time between May and August seemingly endless.

I’ve thought about this in recent days as students across the region start getting ready to return to school. Even up to my college years, I’d look to the summer months as a reprieve from the tedium and stresses of everyday life and my studies. As the return to school approached, I always felt that sense of dread and an odd sense of loss come with it.

These days, the summer season feels like any other day, except hotter. The days of summer vacation and the things that come with it have long since passed. What surprises me, though is that I don’t mind the change that much.

Instead of being torn up about the loss of fun summer adventures, I find myself more torn up by my electric bill and the cost of staying cool throughout the season. Is this what being an adult is about?

Happy birthday Sunday to Dick Bice and Al Piland both of Sherman; Beverly Vest of Westminster; and Connie Nichols of Ivanhoe.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Ronny and Sharon May of Denison, 41 years.

Happy birthday Monday to Sarah Kincy of Denison; Donna Jones of Van Alstyne; Brenda Schultz of Frisco; and Marcie Walters of Plano.

Happy anniversary Monday to Mcloud and Sarah Luper of Sherman, 12 years of Sherman.