In case you missed it, Wednesday’s paper was pink in honor and support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was a first for the Herald Democrat but I’m sure it won’t be the last special promotion we do.

Cancer, in any of its forms, affects us all. You, a loved one, coworker, the smiling clerk at the store or the man who fixed your roof have likely sat in stunned silence at the dreaded diagnosis. How one handles the new and, honestly, frightening journey makes a big difference.

Though I’ve not yet been faced with the battle myself, I’ve known plenty who have. The lessons we can learn from these brave warriors are ones we can use in every day life.

I’ve noticed that many people with cancer tend to smile and laugh more than the rest of us. They say that once they’ve had to actually face the reality that they, like all of us, aren’t immortal, they begin enjoying life more. All those things we often take for granted become more precious — time with loved ones, a favorite meal and even simply waking up each morning.

For those able to continue working and/or volunteer, they bring that smile and a positive, can-do attitude with them. Perhaps because they’re receiving help and support from others, cancer warriors seem the most willing to lend a hand themselves whenever possible. Unlike so many of us (myself included) who will help but whine about life’s aches and pains, they do it without complaint or negativity. The only time you may see them falter from that positive attitude is if and when they have to lessen those activities due to the effects of the treatments. Even then, they don’t complain about how they feel. Instead, it’s because they feel they’re imposing on others to handle what they normally would do.

These determined warriors often seek to educate themselves on their particular disease and to share that knowledge with others. They don’t do it to get attention or sympathy. They do it to help others to avoid the disease if possible and to maybe ease the journey for others fighting the battle.

Cancer warriors live with a lot of “nevers” — never give up; never give in; never stop believing; never stop trying; never stop loving, laughing and living.

If only we could all live like cancer warriors. What a beautiful world it could be.

Happy birthday Thursday to Rosemary Miller, Cecilia Roy, May Borah, Don Tilley, Sherri Strasner and Inez Williams, all of Sherman; Judy Bolen of Denison; Monte Hardy and Farris Murrey, both of Ivanhoe; Lois Clontz; and Vick Gotcher of Celina.

Happy anniversary Thursday to George and Barbara Erickson of Sherman.