I love learning new and fun facts when I am interviewing people for the stories I write.

Last week, I was speaking with guest Rabbi Robert Jacobs at Temple Beth Emeth in Sherman about the temple’s Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services.

Those celebrating the holidays surrounding the Jewish new year fast from sundown Tuesday to sundown Wednesday unless they have health-related dietary requirements. Since I am pregnant, I inquired whether I would meet those requirements. Jacobs said that pregnant women get a special pass when it comes to Jewish dietary laws.

Pork is forbidden at all times for those who consume a kosher diet. Most of the time, even being around swine is forbidden because an individual could contaminate kosher items and foods.

However a pregnant woman is allowed to give in to her baby’s cravings and sniff the cooked meat if she so desires, Jacobs explained. If sniffing the meat curbs the cravings, then the woman can leave the meat shop without feeling unclean. But, if she is not satisfied with just sniffing, the pregnant woman is allowed to taste the meat. If simply tasting the meat is not enough, she is then allowed to eat the meat until she is satisfied.

That means little ol’ pregnant me would be able to eat pork until I was satisfied for the entire nine months of my pregnancy.

I do not eat pork, but wouldn’t it be cool if I could get a pass with other foods just because I am pregnant? Such as, I would love to be able to eat all the ice cream or pancakes covered in Nutella and syrup just because the baby wants me to or has a sweet tooth?

Happy birthday Tuesday to Jimmy Stibbons, Fred Mask, Dave Johnson and Craig Summer, all of Sherman; James Jackson of Denison; David Brackett of Randolph; and Bill Brown of Westminster.