Getting a new puppy this fall has been a lot of fun. She’s brought laughter and a lot of silliness into our home and for that we are very grateful.

She also brought with her a lot of stuff. Baby dogs come with almost as many various kinds of toys as baby humans. Bella, our 11-week-old schnauzer puppy, has almost as many toys as my 8-year-old niece does at our house. One of the things she loves the most, however, is a homemade toy that might have to go.

I had a bunch of large pumpkin shaped jingle bells laying around the house, so I tied some onto big fat ribbons and let the dog drag them around. In the weeks since we have had Bella, we have tied them onto the doorknobs to entertain her and allowed her to drag others around with her. I love the sound they make and they let me know where she is even if I can’t see her.

Unfortunately, they are very sturdy bells. I found that out in the wee hours of one morning when I jumped out of bed to tend to something and started tripping over the dog, who, of course, was right under my feet attempting to beat me to my destination even though she didn’t know where we were going. In an attempt to avoid stomping the dog, I put one foot down very hard and happened to land with my heal on one of those darn bells. It felt like I had ripped my heal off at first. However, it calmed down and I thought everything was fine.

I hopped around and did what needed doing and went back to bed. Then in the morning, I started out of bed like nothing had happened. When I put that foot on the floor, I screamed in pain. The bottom of my foot was swollen. Who would have thought one bell could cause such pain? I had my foot examined to make sure it wasn’t cut open because that is really what it felt like every time I took a step. But, it wasn’t. Just badly bruised.

From this point forward, I think I will be rounding those bells up before I go to bed. That way I won’t come across them in the middle of the night anymore.

I guess it could be worse, she could like to play with Legos.

Happy birthday Monday to Marvin Brown, Eunice Soden, Mary Moore, Rueben Trooter and Paris Jones, all of Sherman; Derrick Kirkpatrick of Bonham; Nathan Jones of Bells; Ainslee Jones of Dorchester; and Joann Ford of Duncanville.