To the editor,

 Taxation is theft. So goes the current tagline mandated by the Multi-billionaire supported PACs and parroted every chance presented by the state and local herds. By listening to these people it seems that the paying of any taxes you don’t agree with or feel would not help you any form is just wrong. That property taxes should be abolished so you don’t have to pay for something you already own. That other people shouldn’t make you pay extra taxes by passing bonds that you don’t want and will only increase your share of the debt regardless of beneficial purpose incurred by doing so.

 Horse hockey!

 Taxes, as much as we all hate them, are simply a realistic, permanent fact of life. Taxes are as Texan as the Alamo, the Lone Star flag and the Texas constitution. Albeit not well liked by most of us, taxes are collected and used to support our state for, oh I don’t know, schools and roads, government and courts, Lawmakers and appointed officials salaries, law enforcement and those down right pesky social services. I mean if we really wanted these things, we would all voluntarily support them out of the goodness of our hearts and with the occasional bake sale or community swap meet. Well, I’ll safely say that probably won’t work as a revenue source for our state so we have taxes. Like them, hate them, they are here to stay. And will educate the next generation of tax haters to be able to write signs wanting to not pay for things that others want them to pay for all the while crying “ You’re not the boss of me” or “ You can’t make me pay for that” like adolescents from the back seat wanting to drive while driving down the tax built roads on their way to tax supported government buildings in Austin to rail against the tax tyranny that is causing them to live such dismal lives because the rest of us choose to subjugate them into financial slavery and take away their liberty, the poor souls. I am ashamed for doing that to them by supporting the last school bond.

 Okay, got over that.

 Now, logically and truthfully, I do believe we do need some tax reform. I again say that I do not like taxes. I wish to no pay property taxes past age sixty five, which is hanging out in my backyard getting closer to the house every day. But I will if it is needed to educate children or build new infrastructure to improve our town. Yet to say that all taxes is theft is pure hogwash. If you don’t want to pay taxes, you don’t have to. But singular,constant, cold hard fact, the unmitigated reality of life in the world today, especially in the great state of Texas, that to live in a society with other people most anywhere, you have to pay taxes. Price of the ticket. Deal with it. Or the option is to go live on some island, crown yourself ruler and abolish taxes so no one can steal from you as you so delusional believe is happening now. Or see if the Koch Brothers can send some extra support with the PAC money along with what you should be repeating next at every opportunity just to tide you over. Hey, maybe I can lend you a few bucks if you need it. For me, I am only returning the favor with much gratitude to those generations that built Texas with their taxes before me.

It’s just the right thing to do.


Alan Fox,