To the Editor,

I was Fortunate to serve three consecutive terms on the WISD Board of Trustees. In a 51 year public school career, I found those three terms to contain some of my most interesting and challenging work. One of my real pleasures, while serving on the Board was working alongside Dr. Joe Langley. He served as our Board president with great distinction. Dr. Langley demonstrated many strengths. His greatest strength, I felt, was that of a consensus builder. He listened to all sides of an issue giving everyone time to present their views. Those views were as different as each individual sitting around the Board table. Dr. Langley made everyone feel that their input was important in the making of the final decision.

He has demonstrated over 5 terms (15 years) that his love for this district knows no bounds. He has displayed a sincere concern for students, teachers, and tax payers. It cannot be stated enough that his experience is vitally needed to lead this district as we approach complex challenges and unprecedented growth.

Please join me in voting for Dr. Joe Langley on Saturday, May 7th, even better join in early voting that begins Monday April 25th.

Max Simpson

Retired WISD Administrator & School Board Trustee