To the Editor,

Waxahachie is a great place to be. It’s beautiful, friendly, and has history that makes you feel established. A big part of what makes Waxahachie great is our schools. Great academics, fine arts, sports, vocationals, clubs, service organizations, and edcucators and administrators that believe in and support these elements. Great schools help make great communities. This is why it is important to have great leadership. We have a School Board Trustee election on May 7. Mickie Hill is my choice.

Mickie Hill and I have served together on the executive board of the Education Foundation for a few years and she is tireless, intelligent, and very compassionate. She has a background in education and has owned successful businesses. Because of her unique background, she has the experience to see many sides of an issue. She will make decisions based on her faith, her love of children, her respect for educators, and pride in our community.

As a father of three daughters who are involved in sports, band, theater, and have success in academics, I want our schools and community to thrive. I believe Mickie Hill is a leader who will continue and further Waxahachie’s greatness. Please exercise your right to vote and put Mickie Hill to work for us.


Chris Bearden,