To the Editor,

Floyd Bates, current WISD Trustee, is an asset to this community and is especially needed to continue his service on the Waxahachie School Board. As an experienced board member, Floyd has demonstrated his dedication to public service and the integrity needed to continue working for our children and our local taxpayers.

I have known Floyd for many years and have known his wife since our school days. The Bates family has been an integral part of this community and Floyd Bates and Eldonna Conrad Bates have raised three wonderful children that have all succeeded after graduating from Waxahachie ISD. I am proud to call Floyd a friend and to recommend Floyd Bates for reelection to the WISD Board of Trustees.

Having spent 12 years on the local school board myself and having had the privilege of serving half of my tenure with Floyd, I know firsthand how his business sense and knowledge have benefited our many school decisions over past meeting. Floyd always has our children’s interest in mind while considering how his votes will impact everyone in our district, whether parent, grandparent, teacher or taxpayer.

As a real estate professional his expertise has been immeasurable as the district has planned for and purchased property for a new campus. Let’s keep this hard working trustee on the board and let him continue to work for us. It is only with your support and vote that Floyd can continue his good deeds as he loyally serves the residents of the Waxahachie Independent School District. Please join me in voting for and re-electing Floyd Bates to the WISD Board of Trustees.


W. Mark Price,

Former Board Trustee & former Board President,