To the Editor,

Recently Scott Brooks, publisher of the Waxa. Daily Light, wrote an excellent article concerning the importance of a local school board election. I could not agree more with Mr. Brooks.

In the forty-eight years that I have worked for the Waxahachie ISD, both full and part-time, there has never been a more critical time to have a conservative person on our board that stands for integrity and honesty.  Anyone elected to a school board should stand up and vote for what is best for WISD as a whole--that includes our students, staff, and the taxpayers. Any recommendation made by a board member or administrative staff, regardless of the issue, should represent the wishes and expectations of the community who elected them to their positions.  A vote should never be cast for any one individual, or a group of individuals--whether it be administrative staff or school community--UNLESS it is for the betterment of WISD as a whole.   A school board does not have to vote unanimously just to show unity UNLESS it truly is in the BEST interest of our students and staff. 

Our community has just recently passed the largest school bond in the history of WISD.  Mr. Floyd Bates has been an integral part of overseeing this enormous undertaking as a current school board trustee.  We need his continuing involvement with his construction and real estate experiences in order that the taxpayers get what was voted for and what they expect as we build a new high school and renovate other buildings. Mr. Bates has been a strong advocate for our students and staff in the past six years he has been on the board.

As one of the most tenured educators in WISD, I believe that we should keep Floyd Bates on our board.  It is my belief that he will stand, even if alone, in voting on what is best for our school district.  Please join my wife and me as we support and vote FOR Floyd Bates for re-election to the WISD Board of Trustees.  Exercise your early voting privilege next week or cast your vote on May 7 for Floyd Bates. 


Ron Appleton,

Retired WISD Agriculture Instructor and WISD Administrator,