To the editor

I have known Dusty Autrey my whole life, as well as his mother, father and other uncles and cousins. He is a WHS graduate and is the only candidate who has a child in the WISD. Dusty is also a successful business man and gives back to his community through his church and by volunteering his time. Additionally, he has served as a student mentor in WISD for many years. Dusty is a straight shooter and you always know how he feels. I think the quality which best suits Dusty for school board is the fact he has a daughter in the WISD school system. As a parent he has a vested interest in the success of our district. He wants to make sure we do our job as board members because it will not only affect his child but because he cares about all children.

Please join me and my wife, Elizabeth Dusty Autrey for the upcoming school board elections.


Wess Winn,