To the Editor,

I am so excited to write this on behalf of my friend Dusty Autrey who is running for WISD School Board. I have known Dusty and his family for almost 7 years now. Dusty is a leader in our church, serves as a mentor to at risk kids in our schools, and is a “Dad at the Door” for students every week in Waxahachie.

Dusty has never needed a title or to be voted on to begin serving our students. He has served behind the scenes and on the front lines with kids for years, it time to let his voice and the voice of many children be heard by electing him to the school board.

I have two kids currently in WISD schools with another one to start in a few years. I will have a child involved in WISD for the next 15 years of my life and am so excited that Dusty Autrey will have a chance to make decisions that will have a great impact on my kids as well as kids all over Waxahachie.

Please make sure to let you voice be heard and consider voting for my friend Dusty Autrey.


Thank you.


Jason Bankhead,