Unimaginable despair. Deep anguish. Overwhelming sorrow. Uncontrollable anger. Complete emptiness.

In October 1991 in Montgomery, Alabama, I vividly recall the tragic death of a beautiful and vibrant 49-year-old mother of three children. I worked for the daily paper there and was involved with the story. A nurse by profession, she was shot and killed in a local night spot in town similar to many around here. That event, much like what took place this past Monday morning in Creekside Church of Christ created a pain for many – a pain no one should ever have to experience.

The cowardly, cold-blooded murder of Terri Bevers has changed the lives of so many. Hundreds of people love Ms. Bevers and her family — that’s obvious. And, it’s just as obvious there are hundreds, if not thousands, more shocked by what happened Monday. Rest assured, no one believed it was possible, even fathomable, that a beautiful and vibrant mom of three would be taken in an instant … in a church building on an otherwise ordinary day. No way. Not possible.

Except that it is.

To a person, everyone I have spoken to who knew Mrs. Bevers has been effusive about her passion, her love for God, her children and her family. Just a few weeks ago, our booth at the Midlothian Marketplace Expo was not far from the ‘Gladiator’ booth. It didn’t take long to know where the enthusiasm and energy was coming from or where Terri Bevers was. If only everyone had such passion for life.

From where I sit, there’s a whole lot more to this story than any law enforcement agency is able or willing to share at this point. It just doesn’t make sense. The murder in 1991 was different in that the killer was known, caught, convicted and incarcerated. On Monday, the thug dressed as if he or she was a member of one of our extraordinary police departments and showed up not to rob or vandalize a church building, but to kill. As of this writing, we know that Terri Bevers died as the result of a head injury or injuries. And, we also can see in the videos that the killer was carrying some sort of tool prior to the murder. It’s not a mystery how this sweet woman died, but who did it is. We’ll find out soon enough who it is and, in the process, discover just how deep along the river bottom he or she feeds.

If, by chance, the killer happens to be in our midst and, by even greater chance, is reading this today, I have a message for you. You will be caught and when you are, you’ll receive the full weight of the anger, pain, turmoil and anguish this community is experiencing. You’ll receive your lawful comeuppance and it will be more than just Mrs. Bevers’ family to watch a jury give it to you. You took a beautiful woman from her children and from those who loved her. You cut short a young life with so much to give this world and you’ve left a family and communities in fear. You are the worst among us and a disgrace. Let there be no doubt in your twisted mind that your day is coming – a day when families will begin to heal and a community gets answers.

To those who love Terri Bevers, my prayer is that you will embrace the joy she brought you and that her memory will never fade. Life won’t ever be the same for you, but there will come a day when the pain will give way to the anticipation of being reunited and when you’ll get a better understanding of why this had to happen. The despair, anguish, sorrow, anger and emptiness, if you let it, will be replaced by the peace and compassion given to you by a loving God and the support of those around you.

I can assure you of such healing only because that other beautiful woman, taken so many years ago, was my mom.

Scott Brooks serves as the publisher of the Waxahachie Daily Light. Contact Scott at 469-517-1440 or by email at sbrooks@waxahachietx.com. Follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottBrooks1405