To the Editor,

This is in response to Mr. Scott Brooks’ Column: The School Board.

I waited a week to comment on this so called editorial, in order to gain some perspective on the, “bigger picture.”

Mr. Brooks, what was the point of this editorial? To once again try to publicly humiliate those that disagree with you? Next time you make a comment about me, please at least have the gumption to state my name in your article. We know how you feel about Mr. Trump, President Obama, and others, so why the necessity of innuendo when you continuously reference me in regards to last year’s school board race. Maybe it’s an ego boost for you to continuously make snide comments about a single mother that really did have the best interest of the students of Waxahachie at heart.

It started with Global. They needed a voice on the board. As the months passed, it became blatantly apparent there were MANY inequities in this school district. (I’m still trying to figure out how $10-$15 million is being spent for Special Education at the high school; one of those political promises?) I’m well aware of the comments made about me. Along with your weekly, hateful remarks were the rumors, “She hates the high school.” “She hates football.” Those along with others that can’t be repeated. Some of these were directed at my children. Thank you, Dr. Glenn; I’m well aware of where those remarks started. I was NEVER AGAINST a school or even a bond for that matter. I was against frivolous spending of taxpayer funds. I was FOR a school, and ALL students/teachers receiving equal treatment.

As for my qualifications, exactly what was lacking in comparison to other candidates? Please, enlighten me. I feel your grammatical errors and convoluted, ramblings make you unqualified to write editorials, but to each their own. I just don’t understand your incessant need to humiliate, and spew hatred? Do you hate puppies as well as single mothers? In regards to the Facebook page, “Concerned Citizens for WISD,” that page has over 1,200 followers. I believe that is more than you have ... so the information posted on that page must be important to some people.

There is nothing wrong with questioning the way public funds are spent. I will continue to do so, and so will many others. Your incessant, depraved rants will not stop that. I will also continue to sleep soundly, with a clear conscience, knowing I truly had the best interest of all students in mind, when I ran for school board. Not you, or anyone else, can take that peace of mind, away from me.

Shannon Moyers,

Candidate for

Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees