To the Editor,

Our community and related educational systems have been exceptionally fortunate to have had Joe Langley involved with several support areas through the years. His leadership skills combined with exceptional moral standards and family values ensure that we can all trust that he is working for the right reasons and best results. Having been a WISD board of trustees member previously, Joe will be able to provide mentorship and sage advice for other members. As Mrs. Coleman leaves the board, the tenure of current members is relatively short and Joe will provide that much-needed experience to ensure goals are reached efficiently and effectively for our educational system. Joe has been a well-respected member of the team that interviews community high school seniors each year who have applied for the prestigious Singleton scholarship. With over two hundred scholarship applicants each year, Joe is always able to provide valuable information and recommendations that are designed to enhance opportunities for our future leaders. Our students, their families, the WISD faculty and staff and our community will greatly benefit when we elect Dr. Joe Langley to serve on the WISD board of trustees. Please join Jan and me in voting for Dr. Joe Langley, the best qualified candidate, who will ensure that the correct decisions are made every day to guide WISD into the future.

Pat and Jan Merrill,