To the Editor,

As a Trumpster, I resent Mitt Romney offering political choice advice because his 2012 Presidential loss negates his credibility to offer advice. Trump Dumpsters are like urban gangs who proudly wear their colors to protect their turf, or KKK members who under their white sheets try to intimidate non-members and pretend they are superior to “ordinary” Americans who have made their choice and is NOT their choice for President.

I leaned toward the Donald from the beginning, but I kept an open mind for six months. Recent political gangs have closed the field and I will share my observations and hopes. If elected, I see President Trump wake up early each morning, in his business attire, ready to work for America (even though he doesn’t need to work) and MAY play golf later; opposite of what I see now.

President Trump wll evaluate various departments and budgets and government employees and will see that the American taxpayer will get the most value for their tax dollars. He would not hesitate to FIRE any government employee for wasting tax dollars. Quite the opposite of the past seven years. ex. the the exorberant roll-out of Obamacare website and scheduled delay.

I can see President Trump meeting with national security regularly like former President George W. Bush inviting Congress to work together and meet with world leaders to benefit America. President Trump would represent pride in American. Long overdue!

I can see full-time employment expanding; unlike the expansion of part-time jobs because the AFC.

Donald Trump is a diamond in the rough. He can be a potty mouth in public. But I will be honest as a Christian old lady, I have blurted out expletives at the TV or radio when I heard lies or division being broadcasted. How about you?

I even laugh at the Donald’s religious comments like: “I just found out today that I’m a Presbyterian!” I can see the Almighty molding this man as He sees fit. I did like one or two of the other three candidates but I see Donald Trump beating whoever the Democrat candidate will be. Mr. Trump is not a party puppet and conservative values are not limited to one sect of Americans.

Whichever candidate the majority of Americans hoose, the Super Pacs and public figures should respect their choice.

Imagine all the millions of dollars wasted on attack ads; it could have benefited vets, less fortunate, education, etc. Who are these giant donators hoping to benefit?

Let us put our trust in God first and may God Bless American and this election process.

Gloria Harmon,