To the Editor,

When I announced my intention to run for County Commissioner Precinct 3 some months ago, I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I had never run for office before and had no idea of the work that would be involved, the finances necessary or in reality, the odds of unseating an incumbent.

I also had no idea the level of support and encouragement I would receive from friends and family.

Of all the things I have learned during this campaign, that has been the biggest lesson – how gratifying it is to see your friends and family rally behind you and support you. Hundreds of people helped our campaign, some of them friends for more than 50 years. They lent their name, they spoke to their friends, they wrote to their friends, they wrote letters to the editor, they wrote checks, they walked precincts and they offered advice and support. They came to my defense. Without them, this experience would have not been the tremendously rich and rewarding experience it was.

And to all of the people who voted for our campaign, I thank you. For me, this was about democracy and my desire to contribute.

I hope I have the chance to pay you back in time.

Frank Sanchez,