Bookworm wanted. Must love books. Must be able to count. Must love keeping tabs on a bunch of items.

Those meeting those qualifications - and a few others - might want to apply for a new position created Monday night by Waxahachie ISD board members.

The new textbook/fixed assets custodian will be required to manage the district’s inventory of 45,000-plus individual textbooks and all ancillary materials for 400-plus teachers and students - about $2 million worth of inventory. And it’s an inventory that will only grow as the district - which has 242 more students than last year - gets larger.

“The nature of this position is significant,” said Rick Rodriguez, executive director of human resources. “It makes sense to put this kind of position into place.”

Having a person dedicated to tracking book inventory as well as the district’s fixed asset inventory saves time and money in the long run, it was explained.

“We are in a position as a district to lose money because there’s no one to track these things,” Rodriguez said, noting the district should see incremental savings as the book and fixed assets inventory comes under one person’s direct management.

“We can better handle our inventory,” he said. “If a request comes in, we can say, ‘No, we don’t need to buy 80 tables because we have 45 in storage because XYZ program isn’t being done anymore.”

The position, which will be posted by the district, indicates a bachelor’s degree is preferred, with some experience in warehousing or a school setting as part of the qualifications.

The successful applicant also should have a general knowledge of open records and current textbooks laws, rules and regulations; the ability to work independently; be self-motivated and have organizational skills; a working knowledge of shipping and receiving, inventory and stocking process; and an ability to lift items in excess of 50 pounds on a daily basis.

Other qualifications in lieu of or supplemental to these and others may be substituted, according to the position’s description.

“It’s not a desk job. It’s not a pencil-pushing job,” Rodriguez said, noting the district received 48 pallets of books alone this summer through its warehouse facility.

The position will work with the warehouse staff to coordinate the distribution of books throughout the district.

“One of the main jobs of this position is to make sure each book is where it needs to be day 1,” Rodriguez said.

The position is posted at a salary of from $32,500 to $48,700 plus benefits.

“I think this is a position that’s really needed,” board member Mark Price said.

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