The 2007 Waxahachie High School yearbook has again come under fire for inappropriate language.

On Friday, the Waxahachie ISD administration released the following statement:

“In an effort to rectify an oversight regarding the publication of the Waxahachie High School yearbook, WISD school officials are reviewing and investigating inappropriate language that was found in the senior memory section. Currently, editing of the WHS yearbook follows a six-step process in which pages are reviewed for content. Pages are reviewed by student editors, the yearbook sponsor, teachers and administrators prior to being submitted for publication.

“In this instance, an oversight was made during the process causing inappropriate material to be printed,” the statement reads. “The inappropriate content does not directly mention a student by name nor is it printed below a specific student’s picture; however, the material is not acceptable by WISD standards.”

In the statement, Superintendent Tom Collins said, “Clearly, the material printed in the yearbook is not acceptable. We are and will continue to investigate the situation and will take the appropriate steps necessary to remedy the issue.”

This year’s yearbook includes “That-beach-aint-thura” under one of the drum line’s photos.

A graduating senior, who is a member of the drum line, told Fox 4 that she believes the caption is directed at her because it is the one drum line photo that she is not in.

In the statement, WISD officials said they “will carefully re-evaluate the editorial process of the yearbook to make certain that this type of incident does not occur again.”

This is the second time in three years WISD has been criticized for inappropriate language in its yearbook.

In the 2004-2005 yearbook, an African-American member of the National Honor Society was identified as “black girl.”

Fox 4 has reported that yearbook sales and distribution that began Wednesday have been suspended while a replacement page is on order.