Waxahachie High School is hosting a community-wide garage sale on May 3 to raise money for the Sunshine Fund.

The Sunshine Fund helps students, family and staff who experience financial hardship due to a tragedy.

House fires, flood victims, a  family death or when there is a need for clothing, electricity or other items are examples of the ways the Sunshine Fund helps the students and families, said David Nix, WHS principal.

“The school district doesn’t have access to any funds to help the kids in tragic situations,” added Kim Kriegel, garage sale organizer from Waxahachie ISD.

Kriegel hopes the community-wide garage sale will become a yearly event to help the Sunshine Fund.

When a student was affected by a tragedy in the past, Nix said he and John Aune, principal of Waxahachie Ninth Grade Academy, sent out e-mails to the staff.

“Our staff at WHS has always been really giving to these causes,” Nix said. “It gets tough to ask the faculty to dig into their pocket time and time again, even though time and time again they never let us down.”

Nix said the Sunshine Fund helps staff to continue helping students without so much of the money coming directly from the staff.

The goal, Nix said, was to start off the Sunshine Fund with a car wash in October 2007 to raise funds. The faculty, staff and students participated in the one-day event and raised around $1000.

Nix and Aune work together on the Sunshine Fund.

Anytime there is a tragedy or time of need for students grades 9-12 or their family, the staff, faculty or families can fill out a request form that will be reviewed by a committee of three to decide whether the need will qualify as a situation requiring aid from the Sunshine Fund.

“It really helps out a lot of families that are going through tough times or kids that can’t afford to go to prom for example,” Nix said of the Sunshine Fund. “It’s been real successful and we’re not going to stop.”

Nix said, following the success of the carwash, Beverly Swett and Cynthia High held a talent show at the high school and donated the proceeds to the Sunshine Fund.

“Now Ms. Kriegal is going to host the garage sale and donate the proceeds from that to the children in need program,” Nix said. “We have a very giving community at the high school.”

The concept for the community-wide garage sale is to lease the spaces in which members of the community can set up garage sale items to sell.

Garage sale shoppers can have the ease of shopping all the sales inside the perimeter of the field at Lumpkins Stadium.

The $10 space fee goes to the Sunshine Fund. Sellers can keep the money earned at their sale or donate it to the Sunshine Fund. This year’s garage sale will be held on May 3.

Kriegel said the high school is going to have a space and members of the community can also donate their garage sale items to the high school space to be sold there. The money from the high school space garage sale will go to the Sunshine Fund.

“Hopefully members of the community will contact us ahead of time for space, these are huge booths,” Kriegel said. “A craft sale normally rents booths of 10 feet by 10 feet, these are going to be 10 yards by 10 yards marked by the field yard lines.”

Kriegel said there would be a children’s area with a face painter and a bounce house to make it like a family event. There will also be a concession stand.

The event will begin at 7 a.m. for the early bird garage sale hunters and continue until 3 p.m., May 3.

Booth applications can be obtained by e-mailing Kriegel at kkriegel@wisd.org or by calling 972-617-5928.

To donate goods for the high school booth or cash for the Sunshine Fund, contact Kriegel.

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