Despite receiving 3.63 inches of rain since June 26, according to the Weather Channel’s Web site, Johnson County officials have not received many phone calls from local residents with weather-related problems.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has only received one severe weather-related problem in the last week.

“Last weekend there was a guy in a small car that was swept into a ditch,” Corporal Pam Jetsel of the sheriff’s office said. “He was rescued and went back to get his car the next day. That has been the worst so far.”

Captain Joel Marrs of the Alvarado Fire Department said the office hasn’t received any phone calls, but they are always ready for anything.

“We have been really fortunate,” Marrs said. “We haven’t had much damage due to wind or rain. “I think we have just been fortunate to not have any real ill-effects from the storms.”

Marrs said this is not normally the case during severe storms like the ones that are inhabiting north Texas.

“Usually we get a lot of utility emergencies or power lines that have been effected by tree limbs on the lines,” Marrs said. “Occasionally we get calls for high water incidents or from people who have driven into water ways.”

Jetsel said that could happen with low water crossings.

“Anytime you have low water crossings and you have rain the water will rise and go over the passes,” Jetsel said. “I am sure people get stuck in the mud too.”

Part of the reason for the lack of problems could be because of some recent construction, Jetsel said.

“They have reconfigured and widened the low water passes and worked on the drainage,” Jetsel said. “We have also been lucky because we haven’t been hit as badly as places like Granbury, where they are rescuing people.”

Marrs said that Alvarado has been fortunate that they haven’t had many problems so far.

“We have been really lucky,” Marrs said. “No news is good news I guess.”