With bad weather once again approaching, County Judge Carol Bush estimates that county offices will experience at least a two-hour delay Wednesday, Feb. 9, opening at 10 a.m. Essential personnel will report to work as directed by their supervisors.

Check the county website (www.co.ellis.tx.us) and watch television stations in the morning for notice in case the weather is severe enough to prompt closure of offices for the entire day.

If the precipitation does not materialize as predicted, offices will open as normal and all employees will be expected to report to work on a regular schedule.

“In other words, we are asking all our employees to look out the window when they get up first thing in the morning – and if there’s no precipitation, they should come on to work,” human services director Diana Buckley said. “This announcement is just being made at this time in an effort to allow everyone to plan as well as is humanly possible.”