Red Oak ISD buses were vandalized last week, with suspects spray painting “2007” or “07” on 19 buses in the Red Oak ISD transportation department located near Goodloe Stadium.

“We did have some vandalism,” associate superintendent of operations Russ Schupmann said Friday, adding that the vandalism happened sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. “The vandals must have climbed the fence and gotten in our transportation center. There were about 19 buses that were vandalized and they were spray painted with ‘2007’ or ‘07’.”

Schupmann said that to his knowledge there was no evidence of the suspects breaking into the fenced area and that the paint was black and green for the most part, with red paint used on some of the buses.

“We spent the greater part of (Thursday) power washing the paint off,” Schupmann said. “The paint was done in black and green and there was a little bit of red paint in there. They were having some trouble getting the red paint off.”

“It was a time consuming problem,” Schupmann said.

Schupmann said the investigation has been turned over to the Red Oak ISD Police Department.

Red Oak ISD Police Chief Scott Lindsey said the department is continuing investigation and had no leads at the time. The department welcomes those with any information regarding the case to call (469) 437-6836.