In order to aid North Ellis County residents most in need of assistance, TXU Energy and the North Ellis County Outreach have joined forces to help customers facing unforeseen financial hardship keep their electricity on.

Throughout 2007, TXU Energy will provide the social service agency with $35,000 to help low-income customers with temporary bill-payment assistance.

The $35,000 is a combination of customer and employee donations in the North Ellis County area, matched by a company contribution of a ratio of $5 to every $1 locally donated.

The $35,000 is a representation of the amount of funds North Ellis County Outreach will receive throughout 2007; they have already received two installments this year. (If more North Ellis County residents donate, with the company 5 to 1 match, more TXU Energy Aid funds may be donated than expected.)

“It is very important to TXU Energy that low-income customers in the North Ellis County community know that bill-payment assistance is available if they are in need. It is also just as important to remind customers and employees in the North Ellis County area to donate their dollar to TXU Energy Aid,” a spokesman said. “Every $1 locally donated is matched by a $5 company contribution and returned to the North Ellis County community to help low-income customers with bill-payment assistance. TXU Energy Aid is the largest bill-payment assistance program offered by a retail electric provider in the nation.”

The TXU Energy Aid program helps families in critical situations meet their electricity needs through generous company contributions and customer donations.

Since 1983, TXU Energy Aid has provided more than $40 million to selected social service agencies across Texas, helping to provide temporary bill-payment assistance to more than 300,000 local families in need.

TXU Energy customers who want to make a contribution to help others in their community can contact the TXU Energy Aid contribution line at (877) 281-6359 or by e-mail to

Customers can also make a one-time contribution or a recurring pledge to TXU Energy Aid by completing the information on the back of their TXU Energy bill.

One hundred percent of all customer donations are returned to the local communities in which they are donated to help families in need.