Even though “Downtown Waxahachie Square Speedway” doesn’t have quite the ring to it that famous tracks such as Talladega, Indianapolis, and the Texas Motor Speedway carry, it doesn’t mean that race day in downtown Waxahachie can’t keep up with the level of excitement that is exhibited at other prestigious speedways.

The Lions Club hosted its fifth annual CNB of Texas Mini Grand Prix on Saturday afternoon and, unlike previous years that saw blistering heat, the weather was perfect for a day at the track.

“We’re excited to be down here,” said Kathy Rodrigue of the Waxahachie Lions Club. “Last year was extremely hot and miserable, so it’s nice that today is breezy and enjoyable.”

The proceeds of the event benefit the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center this year, as well as various charities that the Lions Club helps supports.

“This is the main fund-raiser for the Lions Club,” Rodrigue said. “We’re trying to get the community involved in something that is positive for everybody.”

Hundreds of people came out to support friends and family, while others such as Ron Tosch came out just to enjoy the whole race day experience.

“I have been here for past years and I just enjoy watching them wreck on (Deadman’s Curve),” Tosch said of one of the usual fan favorites.

However, some of the drivers don’t enjoy the infamous curve as much as the fans do.

“Last year was really painful, because I broke my hand in three places,” said Kirk Price of the Southwestern Assemblies of God University racing team. “But we enjoy coming out and getting together. It’s real competitive, but you see the same people year after year, and everyone is always happy to see each other and have fun.”

As with any Nascar-style race, fans came from across the country to watch the heralded Mini Grand Prix race.

“My son-in-law is with the All Sports trophy team, so we have been here every year except for the first year and we really enjoy it,” Dorothy Lechman of Colorado said. “He has never won, but I am thinking he’ll get close this year.”

More than 30 teams came out and competed with in the light-weight and heavy-weight divisions with drivers racing in Nascar style mini-carts on the quarter-mile race.

Despite not everyone coming out a winner at the Mini Grand Prix on Saturday afternoon, it was certain that everyone had a great time at the Downtown Waxahachie Square Speedway.