GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (AP) _ An Arlington school bus carrying more than two dozen elementary school students flipped on its side Monday after being struck by a sport utility vehicle that ran a red light, police said.

None of the children on board were seriously injured, Grand Prairie Detective John Brimmer said. Nine were taken to nearby hospitals with minor scrapes and bruises. Six of the nine were in good condition at Children's Medical Center Dallas.

Officials said the bus carried 29 children, who escaped by climbing out the broken windshield and roof emergency hatch after the bus came to rest.

"Just bumps and bruises," Brimmer said. "We're really fortunate in that respect."

The bus had made its first stop after school when authorities say an SUV ran a red light and struck the bus. The impact pushed the bus over a nearby curb and into a grassy patch, where the bus came to rest on its side.

Kay Davis, who was the adult monitor on the bus, said children screamed and hollered as the bus began teetering over. Once the bus came to a rest, Davis said she helped children escape through the emergency hatch.

"They were crying," Davis said. "It's horrible that something like this could happen."

Paramedics carried some children on stretchers into ambulances as parents gathered at the scene. A nearby triage area checked out all the children on the bus.

The driver of the SUV and three kids inside the car were not seriously injured, Brimmer said. Davis said the woman was a parent at the same school of the children on the bus.

Brimmer said the woman would be cited for running a red light.

The accident happened less than a mile from Larson Elementary School in suburban Dallas.

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