SNOOK, Texas (AP) _ A man has been arrested after authorities say he killed the father and grandfather of his two stepchildren in front of the children, fled the scene and then holed up in someone's home for about nine hours Wednesday in Burleson County.

Myron Douglas Phillips, 35, of Katy, was being held Wednesday night in the Burleson County Jail without bail.

The slain men were identified as David Joseph Weichert, 35, and his father, David Richard Weichert, 62.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the Weicherts' rural home around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities said the younger Weichert was leaving for work when he was confronted by Phillips, who was at the time free on bail for an aggravated sexual assault charge involving a child.

"He jumped out and said he was angry because he thought he was falsely accused," said Burleson County Sheriff Dale Stroud, referring to the sexual assault charge.

Phillips then pulled a gun and fired five or six shots that killed the two, authorities said. Stroud said that the first deputy to arrive heard the last two shots.

"The deputy actually saw him run around the house," Stroud said in a story for Thursday's editions of The Bryan-College Station Eagle. He said the deputy chased Phillips, but lost him in the dark.

David Weichert's 12-year-old daughter, 10-year-old son and girlfriend were outside the home when the shots were fired, authorities said.

Authorities closed off a five-mile radius around the scene and schools in nearby Snook were placed on lockdown.

Investigators said Phillips spent the first two hours after the shooting alone inside a home about 2.5 miles away. When the homeowner arrived, Phillips held him against his will until a deputy canvassing the area knocked on the door, officials said.

"The resident first said (Phillips) was not there because he was afraid, but then he stepped out of the house, told the deputy and was pulled to safety," Stroud said.

Authorities surrounded the house and began trying to talk him out. "We had hostage negotiators talking to him all day," Stroud said. "He talked to his attorney and some family members."

Phillips' lawyer, Channa Borman, declined to comment Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime, he was allowed to speak to his niece and sister, who were pacing outside the house.

He eventually did walk out of the house without incident at about 5 p.m.

"Murder is not a word I would have put with my brother," his sister, 39-year-old Lynnette Gray, said once the standoff had ended. "If he did do what they said he did, I don't think he was in the right state of mind."

Myron Phillips was indicted Feb. 28 on two charges of possession of child pornography, one count of indecency with a child and one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child, Scott Dufree, general counsel for the Harris County District Attorney's Office confirmed Wednesday.

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