Waxahachie High School principal David Nix had an unexpected task this morning, retrieving confidential student information from inside of a recycling bin behind the campus.

“As building principal, this is very embarrassing,” he said as he retrieved several hundred pieces of documentation from inside the dumpster. “We will address this and make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

The records included 2006-2007 sophomore students’ TAKS score sheets, a listing of the senior class rankings by grade point average and several folders.

Because of the summer break, the campus was closed Friday. A resident noticed the records in the dumpster and contacted the Daily Light, which was able to reach Nix on his cell phone.

“I want to thank the citizen who noticed these records in the recycling bin and thought enough (about the situation) to alert the Daily Light,” said Nix, who immediately went to the school to remove the records from the dumpster. “I want to thank the Daily Light for alerting me.”

After retrieving all of the records, Nix contacted the newspaper again to say his preliminary investigation indicates the custodial crew threw away records that were stacked on the floor by the school’s shredder.

“Confidential records should always be shredded and handled with the utmost privacy,” he said.

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