Second-grade students at Red Oak Elementary had three special guests to visit them on Friday - Red Oak ISD police Cpl. Byron Hopkins, canine officer Brian Dumstorff and detective Sandy (drug dog).

Second-grade teacher Brea Aitken said the idea for the visit sprouted from the book, “Officer Buckle and Gloria” that the students read during the week.

“We thought it would be a good thing to bring in Cpl. Hopkins, officer ‘D’ and detective Sandy because the characters in the story were similar to our officers,” she said. “We invited them to discuss safety tips with our students and to also explain to the students what their job consists of. This is our second year to do this and the police officers are very cooperative when coming out and teaching safety tips to our students.”

Hopkins discussed safety at school, safety at home, safety on the school bus, what to do if a stranger approaches and what to do about imposters posing as school-aged children on the computer.

“My job here as a part of the Red Oak ISD Police Department is to protect you and to make sure that you are safe,” Hopkins told students during the visit, which also saw Dumstorff explain his duties as a canine officer.

“Sandy is my partner and wherever I go, she goes,” Dumstorff said. “She is a drug dog so she helps us to locate drugs. She has helped us with some of the biggest drug busts so she’s very good at what she does.”

At the conclusion, Hopkins gave students junior officer badges and bookmarks to promote reading, while Dumstorff allowed students to pat Sandy as they exited the library.

“The main focus wasn’t safety but we touched on it quite a bit,” Hopkins said. “Our purpose here today pertained to the story the students read and to bring in our canine officer and drug dog to better interpret the story. This is the first school event but we do things like this throughout the year.”

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