I.V. Woods of Waxahachie is warning other residents to beware of increased snake activity in the area.

“I’m just trying to inform people they’re out there,” said Woods, who lives on Lake Park Avenue off of East Marvin and discovered what he believes to be a copperhead snake in his front yard at about 10 p.m. Tuesday.

“I saw my cat out in the yard bouncing up and down,” said Woods, who went to investigate what his cat was after and saw the snake all coiled up. “It must have been playing ’possum because when I threw a rock at it, it raised that big head up and struck out at me.”

Woods said the snake, which appeared to be a copperhead because of the diamond-shape of its head, was about 2-feet long.

“I called 9-1-1 and they said, ‘Let it go. We don’t handle those types of disturbances.’ I said, ‘OK,’ ” said Woods, who tried to find a shovel but could only find an ax to arm himself with, which was too short in the handle.

“That ax wasn’t going to be long enough. You have to watch copperheads because they’ll strike the whole length of their body,” he said. “I didn’t want to get bit and have to rush myself to the hospital and pass out in the doorway.”

Although Woods was chuckling this morning about the experience, last night was no laughing matter.

Ultimately, the snake left the yard with “Bubba Cat” after it.

“The cat pursued it, so I guess he ate it or something,” said Woods, reporting that Bubba Cat, his 8-year-old male “alley cat” was back this morning looking no worse for wear and appearing to be in good health.

Woods has talked to his neighbors to warn them of the snake he saw. He said one asked him if it was a “look-a-like” copperhead.

“There is no ‘look-a-like’ when it comes to venom,” Woods said, joking that he’s going to “get some combat boots and a shovel” to work in his yard now.

He found it unusual to spot a copperhead where he lives and assumes the snake must have been flushed out as a result of recent rains.

“I’m surprised to see snakes, they usually keep away,” said Woods, who advises people to use moth balls or sulphur as a snake-deterrent.

“And get a good cat,” he said.

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