Standing in front of poster board-sized pictures of herself from her years as a student at Alvarado High School, Margaret Shivers met a line of people wishing to say goodbye on her last day at Alvarado High School.

Shivers has worked for the school for 27 years, in the counselor’s office and most recently as a secretary, and has lived in the town for her entire life.

She said she is going to miss the job because it was different than a lot of other jobs people can have.

“There has never really been a day that I don’t want to work here,” Shivers said. “A lot of places you go to work and you just dread going in. It has just always been a pleasure working here.”

Shivers said she had fun while attending the high school, and still today doesn’t understand why people don’t enjoy their time at the school.

“I enjoyed being a student and I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t enjoy being a student,” Shivers said. “I don’t understand people not wanting to go to pep rallies, I don’t understand people who don’t just want to enjoy life.”

The newly retired secretary said starting her family in the town she grew up in has been the most memorable event of here life in Alvarado.

“Meeting my husband here and raising my family here,” Shivers said. “We met in high school, the year after that we got married and then we had our three children here.”

While her family is obviously number one in Shivers’ heart, the friends she made while working for the school seem to have become a part of her family as well.

Long-time friend and co-worker Jerry Schmidt wrote a poem and presented it to Shivers at her retirement party to remind her of all the good times she had at the school.

“And now the days yet will dawn, you and AHS will be apart, but those memories we know will spawn a smile in all our hearts.” Schmidt read.

Jerry’s wife, Jeane, also thinks very highly of her friend and co-worker.

“Over the years we come and go and she has still been her,” Jeane said, who worked as a secretary with Shivers. “And she has been just as kind to one of us as she has the others.”

Margaret’s husband, Don, said that her helpful nature is what people seem to like most about her.

“She always tried to do for other people most of the time and always had fun with it,” Don said about her wife of almost 43 years. “She always wants to help regardless of what it is. She will get up and do whatever you want to do or she will just sit down and get out of the way.”

Margaret has already decided what she is going to do with the first couple days of her retirement.

“The football players always say ‘I’m going to Disney World’, well I really am,” she said. “My daughter and her family have decided to go, so we are going the week after we get off.”

After that, she plans on taking it easy.

“When we get back, I plan to rest a little then start cleaning up the house and enjoy being off for a little while,” Margaret said with a smile.