The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office and Ellis County Sheriff’s Officers Association are cautioning the public to beware of a possible scam involving the two entities’ names.

“The sheriff’s office has had a couple of complaints in the last several days that someone is soliciting money on behalf of our association,” said sheriff’s investigator Jason Westmoreland, who also is president of the association.

Neither the sheriff’s office nor the association is doing any solicitation of money by telephone, Westmoreland said, saying any such solicitation is probably a scam.

“We don’t solicit money by telephone,” Westmoreland said. “We’ll raise it the honest way, with car washes, dunking booths or out of our members’ own pockets.”

The state organization, the Sheriff’s Association of Texas, only solicits by mail, not by telephone, Westmoreland said, saying the purported fund-raising effort is “probably not a legitimate deal.”

“Quite probably this is a scam,” he said of the telephone calls people have received in recent days.

Anyone with any questions can contact the sheriff’s office at (972) 825-4901.

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