Waxahachie police community services officer Wess Winn presented a drug awareness program to the youth at the Waxahachie Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club on Monday.

“You never have to be afraid of policemen or firefighters. They are here to help you and protect you,” Winn assured the children, who ranged in age from 6-9.

Concerning problems of drug abuse, Winn reminded the children that the main reason young people start using drugs is because their friends do.

“If your friends ask you to jump off of a cliff, do you do it?” he asked, with the children responding with a resounding “No!”

Winn also advised the children that if they found out their friends were using drugs it was proper for them to tell the teacher and their parents.

“Do not hang around them because they are not your friends if they try to get you to take drugs. Just say no,” he said, sharing a personal story about how he once found it necessary to report a friend who became a drug user to his teacher and parents.

“You know, my friend was very angry with me and didn’t speak to me for years, but when my friend went through rehab and became clean he later thanked me,” he said.

Winn also told the children the only good drugs are those prescribed for them by a doctor.

“Don’t ever take drugs your doctor gave you if they are out of date. You take them exactly at the time he tells you. It is against the law to take outdated prescription drugs,” Winn said.

In his closing remarks, Winn stressed to his audience that he wears his badge over his heart.

“Do you know why? It’s because I have pledged from my heart to uphold the law and protect the people,” said Winn, who ended his presentation by handing out junior police badges to the children.

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