The Waxahachie Police Department has issued a warning for people to beware of a “pigeon drop” scam being run in the community.

An elderly woman was victimized this week by the scam, which had at least two people involved.

The name “pigeon drop” comes from the suspects typically telling the victim they have found a large sum of money, which they say the victim can have part of, if the victim will put up a sum of his or her own money.

The incident in Waxahachie occurred at about 11 a.m. Wednesday at Wal-Mart, 1200 N. U.S. Highway 77, according to a press release issued by the department.

The elderly woman was approached by an unknown younger, white female who said she was almost struck by a vehicle - and the driver of the vehicle had dropped a pouch. An unknown man then approached the two women, expressing concern for the woman who was almost hit by the car, saying he saw the alleged near-accident.

The pouch is opened and a large amount of currency - allegedly $250,000 - is found. The three people discuss what to do with the found money, with the younger woman saying her attorney boss is nearby at the IHOP.

All three people drive in the victim’s car to the IHOP, where the younger woman goes into the restaurant and returns, saying her attorney boss told her if all three put in an equal share of money that he can guarantee that all three will receive $15,000 from the money that was found.

The younger female said she could get her money from her bank, which is down the street from the elderly woman’s bank. The male said he would go and get his money, with the three agreeing to meet back at the Wal-Mart parking lot near Starbucks.

The victim drops off the younger woman at her bank and goes to her bank and gets her money. The victim picks up the younger female and they drive to the Wal-Mart parking lot. The younger female said she would go get the male and the victim never saw either of the two again.

The female suspect is described as in her late 40s, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, from 160-170 pounds and with reddish/blond hair. The male is described as in his late 50s, very short, wearing blue jeans and a ball cap. He appeared to the victim to be nicely dressed and possibly a farmer.

Any agency or people who may have experienced this type of offense are asked to contact detective Sgt. Rodney Guthrie or detective Joe Herrera at the Waxahachie Police Department at (972) 937-9940.