Belinda’s Dream is a lovely shrub rose with large, fragrant and very double pink blossoms. It produces successive flushes of bloom spring to frost and is so disease tolerant that fungicide sprays are seldom required. It is a near perfect landscape rose and is an outstanding performer even in highly alkaline clay soils.

Belinda’s Dream is an attractive, durable and versatile rose that gardeners will fall in love with. Belinda’s Dream is a shrub rose with characteristics of a hybrid tea, such as the high center bloom and long stem. The medium pink flowers are produced in abundance throughout the growing season. The large, double flowers are set against the background of glossy bluish-green foliage. One characteristic that people expect out of rose is fragrance and Belinda’s Dream has a rich delightful fragrance all its own.

Belinda’s Dream is a Texas Superstar. In order for a plant to be selected as a Texas Superstar, it must meet certain criteria such as cold hardiness, heat resistance, and insect and disease tolerance. Although this rose is not disease resistant and can occasionally be attacked by black spot during cool moist periods, it is vigorous enough to overcome the disease.

It can reach 5 feet in height by 3-4 feet wide. An easy to maintain rose that only requires one major pruning each spring. Plants can be fertilized after this pruning and again after first bud development. Throughout the rest of the year, fertilizer should be applied on a regular basis since roses are heavy feeders. Applying mulch will help retain moisture, keep weeds out, and add nutrients to the soil. Roses should be planted in a well-drained area where there is at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight.

This versatile rose can be easily used in mixed borders, hedges, tubs, barrels, formal, and informal gardens. It is perfect for fresh-cut flowers and for dried floral arrangements.

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