Cynthian Tellez, a Red Oak High School junior, has been invited to attend the National Honors Convocation on Law July 26-Aug. 4 at Georgetown University in Washinton, D.C.

Tellez, 16, of Red Oak, will spend 10 days at Georgetown with students from around the United States selected based on their high academic performance and leadership.

Students will begin their tenure at Georgetown participating in activities focusing on leadership, and conclude with hands-on activities in the career fields of business, law, medicine, television and film or leadership.

“I was very excited to receive this,” Tellez said. “My parents jumped at the idea. They said, ‘You need to go.’”

Tellez, daughter of Ignacio and Carmen Tellez, said that as a member of the National Society of High School Scholars, she was considered for invitation to the convocation.

“They sent me a letter as an invitation because of school achievements and band,” Tellez said. “Through this trip, I can learn more about what I want to study and get some insight on what I want to do in the future. My ultimate goal is to be an attorney.”

Tellez described the convocation as a chance to prepare for the atmosphere of college — taking notes, going to classes, and learning the basics of what goes on before entering the courtroom and while in a courtroom.

“Basically, it’s a prep for what you’re going to do in college. They’ll lecture and we’ll basically be going through the process of developing a case from the opening statements to the cross examination and questioning,” Tellez said. “It’s just what we’re going to do in the courtroom.”

The convocation will also include trips to the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Supreme Court building. Throughout the convocation, the students will room together in dorms on the Georgetown University campus.

“We get to be housed at Georgetown University and be part of college life. As far as I know, I’m the only one from Red Oak going. It’s kind of scary knowing I’ll be the only one, but it’s kind of exciting too. It will be lonely, but I will make friends,” Tellez said.

The students will also hear from key-note speakers, including Claes Nobel, senior member of the Nobel Prize family. Other speakers include leading professionals such as Jim Keegan, CFO of Lions Gate Films; Lisa Boykin, J.D., vice-president of Paramount Pictures, and William Baldwin, actor and producer.

With the invitation to the National Honor Convocation came a tuition cost of $1,899, so Tellez and her family are busy planning fund-raisers for the trip.

“We have to raise a lot of money,” Tellez said. “My mom and I have been coming up with ideas to raise money, like selling cakes and cookies at church — just little stuff to hopefully get all the money. I’m also asking for sponsorships from attorneys in the area.”

Although Tellez hopes to raise significant funds through the fund-raisers, she realizes that she needs the help of sponsors to make this trip a reality.

“I’m really hoping for more sponsorships — it’s really where most of the funding comes from,” Tellez said. “I haven’t had too much success so far, but I’m still keeping optimistic. This is something I have to do.”

For those wishing to help with fund-raising or to sponsor Tellez, she can be reached at (972) 576-0165 or (972) 741-9133.

“If anyone wants to donate or sponsor, I would greatly appreciate it,” Tellez said.