While continuing to remain well above the state and regional average for auxiliary personnel, approximately 41 non-contract personnel in Red Oak ISD were notified on Friday, Aug. 3 that their position would not be renewed for the upcoming 2007-2008 school year.

“Although statistics don’t help much with those faced with this circumstance, we still have approximately 2 percent more non-teaching or auxiliary personnel than most districts in the area, even after these cuts,” said Scott Niven, Red Oak ISD superintendent.

“Eliminating jobs is a difficult decision because it causes so much disruption in the lives of employees and their families,” Niven said. “But I am accountable to the community and the taxpayers to operate an effective while efficient school district and this extremely difficult decision had to be made. The needed adjustment will not affect instruction in the district and we’re counting on our staff to work as a team under these tighter circumstances.”

All campuses were notified to expect some loss in personnel. The cost cutting adjustment included non-contract positions such as teaching aides and administrative auxiliary personnel and is expected to save the district over $1 million a year. The district operates on a $40 million dollar budget and this reduction will permit the district to operate on a balanced budget for the upcoming year as well as move the fund balance to a more favorable position.

“Our first priority is our students and the quality of their education,” Niven said. “Throughout this difficult process, we had to be assured that Red Oak students would continue to get an outstanding education.”

“Our other concern is for these loyal and valuable employees, who would be an asset to any organization. If any position in the district becomes available, I would encourage any of these affected employees to re-apply. Until then, we have contacted the North Central Texas Workforce Commission to work with these individuals through their Rapid Response - Worker Adjustment Assistance programs. The NCTWC services will provide these affected employees with comprehensive job search workshops, transition assistance, job counseling, retraining and other support that we hope will help place them in another employment opportunity fairly quickly,” Niven said.