King Rocky? Yes, and rightfully earned.

Ten-month-old Rocky Burkes, a pet puggle, took the cake and the first place grand prize over 13 other loveable pets during the Daily Light’s 2007 Pet Contest.

The contest began May 1 and ended June 27, with pet owners anxiously awaiting the final tally of scores.

Racking in 249 votes, Rocky beat out his other competitors with a standout photograph of himself standing in a cowboy boot.

Rocky is owned by Ashley Hill and Bobby Burkes of Waxahachie, who said they entered him in the contest for fun.

“It was Ashley’s idea and I just went along with her because it is not everyday Waxahachie has a pet contest,” Burkes said as he held Rocky.

Excited about Rocky’s grand prize of $50, Ashley said she would most likely enter him in other pet contests, along with her 7-week-old boxer, Jackson.

“We really didn’t put in any money to get him ready for the contest,” Hill said. “I just told people that I’d entered him and they just voted for him.”

Evie Marie Atwell, a dachshund, won second place with 136 votes and Milkweed, a Nubian goat, won third place with 132 votes, respectively.

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