Residents living in a subdivision near Reagor Springs say they are growing weary of having to try to dodge potholes – some as deep as 6 inches, they said, on Mustang Road, the only road that gives them access to their homes near Reagor Springs.

A petition has been sent to Ellis County Pct. 2 Commissioner Bill Dodson and plans are to get on the agenda of the commissioners court to address the issue.

The petition is brief, saying, “This is a petition concerning the condition of the road and the dead trees on Mustang Road” and is signed by some 45 residents in the area.

“It’s just nearly impossible to drive down the road because of the potholes,” said Mike Jeter, who lives just off of Mustang Road and initiated the petition. “It has finally cost me $550 to get new springs put on the front of my pickup – and that was with me doing the work myself. Not only are there potholes, but trees are down beside the road.”

Dodson said budgetary and time issues have created a backlog of road work in his precinct.

“There are so many more miles in this precinct compared to the others and yet we have the same amount of money budgeted for roads,” the commissioner said. “It’s just impossible to get to all of it right now.”

He said the county has bladed the road, but residents said that when it rains again, the road is back in the same shape.

“It would help if they’d come out and roll it and pack it down – and I understand they have some old ground-up asphalt that could be used on it,” Jeter said, saying he moved into the community in 2006 and the problem has always existed.

Dodson noted the unusual amount of rainfall Ellis County has received during the year is also a factor in the delay in county roads receiving attention.

“We’ve had so much rain since September,” he said. “And there hasn’t been very many two-week periods since then that we’ve been able to work.”

Resident Joe Esquivel notes the hardships he has faced as a result of the road.

“I’ve lived out here since 1998,” he said. “It’s a great area to live in and to raise kids. It’s quiet and kids feel safe playing up and down the streets. But the road is so bad – I have to leave out of here at around 5 a.m. every morning to allow time to get to work and I can only go about 5-10 miles per hour on the road.”

Another resident, Chris French, said he has made several calls to the county and kept a log of every call and conversation.

“I’ve even spent several thousand dollars of my own money hauling dirt in and trying to smooth a portion of the road down to make it passable,” he said. “All we want is to just get the attention of the county. We’re tearing our vehicles up driving on Mustang Road.”

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