MIDLOTHIAN — The Midlothian City Council moved efficiently through a lengthy agenda Tuesday night, unanimously approving all items presented.

The first item presented was a request, supported by staff, for the city’s participation in the funding of a Commercial Redevelopment Strategy and Retail Recruitment Study to be conducted by Catalyst Commercial Inc. at the direction of the Corporation for the Economic Development of Midlothian.

The cost of the study, not to exceed $50,000, will be co-funded by the 4A Board and the city, with the city’s portion not to exceed $15,000.The study will require 120-150 days to complete.

“We feel that the timing of this project is particularly good from the staff point of view because the comprehensive plan called for us to begin work with a retail working group and development of retail market and demand and strategies about this time,” said Don Hastings, city manager.

In other business, the council voted to approved a motion authorizing Kevin Kendrick with Baldwin and Associates, acting on behalf of the City of Midlothian, to make a formal offer of $6,005 to Richard and Sheri Miskimon for acquisition of a 24-foot water easement and additionally offer $5,586 for the acquisition of a temporary 50-foot construction easement.

“This is one of five parcels we need to relocate both the city’s water line and Mountain Peak’s water line in conjunction with the U.S. Highway 67 grade separation,” said Chris Dick, financial director.

After meeting in executive session, the board approved a resolution supporting legislation to create the Midlothian Municipal Management District No. 2 for the development of about 917.7 acres of land by ECOM Real Estate Management. The developer requested city support in creating an alternative funding mechanism for operational and development costs.

Two additional resolutions met with council approval including the support of a designation from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to establish a Multi-Institutional Teaching Center in Midlothian and the historic designation of eight historic properties in the city as part of the application process for the Certified Local Government Program.

Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith presented the annual racial profiling report, noting that in 2010 there were 6,159 contacts made with motor vehicles and of those 80 percent were Caucasian. He said the department made only 23 arrests associated with searches from those vehicle stops and of those 78 percent were Caucasian.

“We feel we are doing a good job making contact with our citizens. Forty-nine percent of vehicle stops resulted in a verbal or written warning,” Smith said. “Midlothian Police Department is committed to quality law enforcement and we have proved that through this audit process in addition to monthly reviews of officer activity from audio video recordings from the vehicle camera system to provide the administration with assurance that the officers are doing quality work.”

Midlothian Fire Chief David Schrodt presented the annual ISO report. He said the January inspection went well and although the numbers are not finalized, he anticipates the rating to drop from four to three.

“This means commercial property owners in our city would benefit with a 9 percent reduction in insurance premiums – or if there were a premium increase they would see premiums 9 percent less than they would otherwise,” Schrodt said. “The reduction for residential residents would be 3 percent.”

Schrodt said he expects the final results and the official notice to be published by summer.

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