Cleanup efforts were underway Friday, Sept. 7, relating to a diesel fuel spill that went into Grassy Branch Creek located in northeastern Johnson County.

The creek runs close to County Road 511, which is about three miles west of U.S. Highway 287 between Midlothian and Mansfield.

Jerry and Kathy Lang’s residence on County Road 511 is about 50 yards away from the creek, which turned bright red from the spilled fuel.

“We started smelling it Thursday evening and couldn’t imagine where it was coming from,” Jerry Lang said. “People who live out here, along with us, are concerned about what it will do to our drinking water since we all have wells.”

Lang said he believed the source of the spill was a gas drilling rig that was about 1,000 yards away from his location and further up the creek.

“Range Drilling Company reacted quickly to begin the clean up process and, as of today, the creek is basically clean,” Pat Montanaro, whose property was the most severely affected by the fuel spill, said Tuesday. “I have a meeting tomorrow with officials from Range Drilling to discuss our plan of attack. They will have to take the contaminated soil from my property and replace it with clean soil.”

Montanaro said the Railroad Commission has been closely monitoring the situation.