The Alvarado Planning and Zoning Commission met last week to discuss two ordinances.

The commission took into consideration revising the downtown central business district zoning. New efforts would include a table of land uses.

“It originated because they want to revitalize the downtown area,” said Sharon Vass, director of community development. “They want to use the plans toward a historical looking downtown.”

The central business district did not previously have a table of use; however, the commission is making the recommendation to the Alvarado City Council to provide a zoning table that will govern land use.

Members also discussed adding an ordinance to require all newly built commercial parking areas to be constructed of asphalt or concrete. This will affect businesses built after the ordinance goes into effect and existing businesses that undergo some type of construction.

“Before you could make [parking areas] out of gravel or park on the grass,” Vass said.

Residential zoning ordinances are already in effect, according to Vass.

“All new homes must have concrete driveways,” she said. “Houses that are existing can continue to have gravel under current zone ordinances.”

During public comments, business owner Steve Hineline addressed the commission requesting information regarding having a business on the downtown square. Hineline asked the commission to consider an indoor auction house selling general merchandise. The request will be discussed at the city council.

The P&Z also discussed administrative approval that would allow Vess alone to approve minor property plat amendments within the city.

“For example if there’s two lots and they share a common boundary, instead of it going to planning and zoning and the council, I could approve [inner changes],” Vess said. “If it’s an outer boundary it would still go to city council.”

Vess said the major benefits are that the process would save applicant’s time.

“They don’t have to go to a different place,” she said. “It would save in making packets.”

With the second item on the agenda, the P&Z discussed allowing all vendors using a mobile unit or temporary building to have a main permit.

If a business or individual obtains a special event permit, and the person or people who get the permit agree, others can join the main permit for a space use allowance. The permit holder must have an agreement with the others.

“It’s not for someone who just wants to set up on the side,” Vass said. “If a man wants to set up a snow cone stand on the corner he has to have a special use permit.”

Items will be referred to the city council meeting for approval.