Kingdom Life Christian Center and pastors Jerry and Sharon Parsons hosted a weeklong crusade with special guests, The Power Team, which concluded Sunday evening.

The team performed its unique style of inspiration and motivation each evening at the church and also conducted nine local school assemblies.

According to the team’s motto, “Thos shalt not bore people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Boring it wasn’t.

Interspersed amid super-human physical feats were messages of faith, motivation and encouragement to all age groups, with teens in particular encouraged to avoid the pitfalls of life common to 21st century.

The presentation, which held the Saturday night crowd of several hundred people spellbound, included team members bending steel bars and tying them in knots; ripping Texas license plates in half with one hand while clenching the plate between their teeth; bending horseshoes into heart shapes with their bare hands, crushing 5-foot stacks of blazing concrete blocks with massive forearms and crumpling frying pans as though they were paper plates.

Team members utilize the demonstrations of brute strength as an object lesson of God’s power over evil.

One of the team members, “Freight Train,” spoke briefly about the drastic life change he experienced by sharing how “God took this trash and made it into treasure.”

The Power Team is a group of world-class athletes who have performed exhibitions of physical strength, speed and inspiration in every state and more than 50 countries for almost 30 years. These giant men, many who weigh more than 300 pounds and have chest measurements of more than 5 feet, can blow up hot water bottles like dime store balloons, snap baseball bats like twigs, rip phone books in half, lift telephone poles over their heads and smash walls of ice and concrete. Many of the team members are world record holders, former NFL football players and professional wrestlers. They have been endorsed by more than 50 governors, senators and congressmen for their positive contribution to the lives of America’s youth.

In 1976, the Power Team became the original strength team, utilizing physical force to communicate positive messages to audiences in churches, civic centers, stadiums and coliseums across the nation. They have been featured in People Magazine, the Saturday Evening Post, and the popular TV series, “Walker Texas Ranger,” and most recently appeared on Steve Harvey’s “Big Time Show,” viewed by a television audience exceeding 20 million. They have also appeared on the Fox Network, and for more than 10 years, they had their own television show, “The Power Connection.”

The Power Team has performed in almost 20,000 school assemblies during the past 20 years and is ranked as one of the top school assembly performers in the nation.

Believing that inspiration and motivation equals academic and personal achievement, the Power Team’s mission is to tackle such issues as drugs, alcohol, violence, abstinence from pre-marital sex, peer pressure and suicide.

The Kingdom Life Christian Center is located on Interstate 35E, just south of Waxahachie.