Thanks to a caring couple who loves stray animals and an avid reader of the Waxahachie Daily Light, “Pearl” now has a permanent home - except she is no longer Pearl. Her new name is “Sophie.”

“I was sitting there teary-eyed, reading the article written by JoAnn Livingston in the Daily Light on the morning of the 25th (of July) and suddenly, the thought of my grandson having been born just three days earlier helped to make me know that getting this dog was just mean to be,” said Sherrie Weaver, who almost immediately called the rural Waxahachie couple who had been providing the dog with a temporary home.

She inquired with Hollis and Corrinne Wolfe about the dog and before she knew it, she was the proud owner of what Dr. M.T. Gilbreath of Waxahachie Veterinary Clinic has told her is a 1-year-old German shepherd/pit bull mix.

“We took her to Dr. Gilbreath to have her checked out. He put her on heartworm medicine and gave her the necessary shots,” Weaver said. “He said that pit bulls have a bad reputation, but all Sophie needed was love and attention. When I asked him about some of the things I had heard about them, like not getting down on their level and giving them eye-contact, he assured me that those were myths.”

Gilbreath also told Weaver that pit bulls and German shepherds are extremely territorial, but if she would take Sophie for walks and expose her to a lot of people it would diminish her territorial tendencies.

“Sophie has really eaten well since we’ve had her,” Weaver said. “But just a couple of days ago, she left a little bit of food in her dish, which indicated to me that she is beginning to feel satisfied.”

Sophie is proving “very playful,” Weaver said, saying she is making a good companion for her Pomeranian, “Macie.”

“I will take her out to the front yard when I am doing yard work and Sophie knows to stay in the yard,” she said. “If she sees a neighbor and is tempted to go next door, she looks around at me and knows that I want her to stay - and she does.”

“I am so grateful for people like the Wolfes, who are animal lovers and who took the time to get this story into the newspaper,” she said.