Even though he spends 18 hours a week sitting and receiving dialysis treatment at Fresenius Medical Services in Waxahachie, Jerry Hull of Milford refuses to let his treatment deter him from participating in the physical activities that have become an important part of his life.

Ive been on dialysis for about two months now, Hull said. It was hard at first, but Im making friends here. People are fantastic.

Hull, 61, experienced kidney failure due to hypertension and has three six-hour dialysis treatments per week at Fresenius Medical Services in Waxahachie, an outpatient dialysis clinic.

If I get a kidney soon, I may be able to come off. If not, Ill probably be doing this the rest of my life, Hull said. I dont like it I dont like being here, but it beats the alternative.

During a recent treatment, Hull sat in a green recliner with tubes running from his chest to a dialysis machine. Hull was one