Waxahachie resident Barbara Brasfield has always loved to cook. She was also prone to becoming excited about things like cookware and kitchen gadgets.

She, therefore, made the perfect guest when one of her friends hosted a Pampered Chef party and quite frequently she was the ultimate host of a Pampered Chef party in her own home, too.

“After seven years of having parties and going to parties, I became an Independent Kitchen Consultant for The Pampered Chef in March 2006,” said Brasfield.

As one of the featured vendors at the Downtown Farmers Market, Brasfield’s booth offers consumers new tools to prepare the fresh fruits and vegetables being purchased at the Saturday open-air market in downtown Waxahachie.

The Pampered Chef is a company that sells everything from casserole dishes to wooden spoons through home party sales.

“I absolutely love it. When I went to my first party, I thought ‘Hey, these are really nice products,’” said Brasfield. “I was always anxious to see what new products were coming out.”

Brasfield explained that The Pampered Chef introduces new products every six months and she would, therefore, host a party at least that often.

“Every time someone invited me to one (Pampered Chef party), I was going to their party, as well,” said Brasfield.

Brasfield shared one of the many reasons why she loves The Pampered Chef products.

“They all have a manufacturer’s warranty. Everything has at least a one-year warranty. Some things, like the cookware and cutlery, have a lifetime warranty. The average warranty on most items we sell is three years,” said Brasfield.

Brasfield’s love for cooking and, therefore, cookware, began many years before she was introduced to The Pampered Chef product line.

“I’m the oldest of five,” said Brasfield, “and I had to learn how to cook when I was growing up, especially when Mom had to work. As I grew older, I cooked because I enjoyed it.”

Brasfield derives much pleasure from cooking for her own family now and reports that their favorite dishes include casseroles and most recently, skillet recipes made from one of The Pampered Chef cookbooks.

One of the many ways that Brasfield promotes her business in the community is by participating as a vendor at the Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market. This is her second year as a vendor at the market, which takes place on Saturdays from May through October on the Courthouse Square.

Through her participation each week at the market, Brasfield has made significant sales, gained many new customers, and made numerous contacts.

“I have been exposed to so many people here in Waxahachie that appreciate Pampered Chef products,” said Brasfield.

Brasfield mentioned that, in addition to those who have placed an order for product at her Farmers Market booth, she has also had market customers who have booked parties, replaced products that were under warranty, and asked questions about how to use a particular product that they purchased.

“I want to help them. I want them to understand what they bought and to understand how to use it. I want that customer to be happy with what they bought even if I wasn’t there when they initially purchased the item. I want them to understand that all of our products have warranties. It’s the company name that I am out here representing. I hope to earn their business, too,” said Brasfield.

Shortly after Brasfield became a consultant for The Pampered Chef, she came to realize the importance to her customers that she was here locally.

“A lot of people asked me if I was here locally,” said Brasfield, who explained that she is right here in the community, available and at their service.

Serving customers here in her own community is a priority for Brasfield.

“I don’t go out of town to do craft fairs and that kind of thing because I want to stay in Waxahachie. I know that Waxahachie is big and it will take me awhile to conquer the entire city. But I am committed to Waxahachie and I want to keep my business here and to serve Waxahachie and the community. I want everyone in Waxahachie to know that they have a Pampered Chef consultant. I want everyone to know that they have someone here in Waxahachie that is here to serve them,” said Brasfield.

It is not necessary to host a party in order to purchase Pampered Chef products. Orders can be placed from the catalog. But there are many incentives to being the host of a party, as well as benefits for being a guest at a friend’s or relative’s party.

Brasfield offers Pampered Chef fund-raisers, wedding showers, wedding registry, catalog parties, gift certificates, and business opportunities. For more information, visit www.pamperedchef.biz/bbrasfield.

Brasfield and The Pampered Chef are one of many vendors that can be found at the Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market every Saturday through Oct. 27 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Courthouse Square.