PALMER – A proposed pet ordinance was tabled after concerns that changes to existing ordinances would have an effect on pet registrations and restrictions. Council member Dianne Drewery asked for any action to be tabled while she and others on the council had a chance to study the ordinances as they are now.

City attorney Larry Jackson introduced the agenda item, saying the proposed ordinance consolidates into one all of the city’s ordinances specifying regulations for pets and other animals in the city.

“By consolidating into one, there will only be one ordinance to amend instead of several,” Jackson said in describing the purpose. 

Drewery asked if there were any changes, expressing a concern if any related to agricultural animals that are student projects.

Both Jackson and the city’s administrator, Doug Young, said there were no changes; however, the council agreed unanimously to table action until they could study the ordinances being combined.

After a discussion to change the status of a part time employee to full time, the council agreed to hire a second part time person to assist the city secretary.

The original request was to change the status of a part time police department employee to full time. The change of status and additional hours would allow the employee to assist the city secretary with record retention documentation and also assist the city hall staff when absences occur. 

City secretary Alicia Baran described the records retention project, telling the council it is a requirement that the city record every document and file records with the Texas State Library.

“Besides catching the city’s records up, this is an ongoing process for the city. Every piece of paper the city receives or sends out has to be inventoried,” Baran said.

A proposal was made for the city to hire a part time person on a contract basis to work with Baran, with the council members agreeing unanimously.

The only other action before the council was to adopt the by-laws adopted by the North Ellis County Coalition of Cities. Both Drewery and Young said the organization was very worth while and the city would benefit through its participation. The action passed unanimously.