OVILLA - Residents will have one more chance to express their opinions on the pending tax and budget proposals at 7 p.m. tonight at First Baptist Church on Ovilla Road.

The proposed changes were to have been voted on in Monday eveningís regular council meeting; however, only three council members were able to attend. Typical action items require only a quorum, but tax and budget agendas need a majority vote, with the meeting rescheduled for tonight.

Mayor Bill Turner called Mondayís meeting to order and explained the situation. A proposal was made to table all items on the agenda until a meeting Thursday, when the remainder of the council members would be able to be in attendance. This was voted on and the meeting was adjourned.

In addition to the vote on the budget and tax proposals, other action items include consideration of fees and code changes, replat of certain properties and appointment of the Comprehensive Land Use Review Committee.

During a meeting last week, residents heard a presentation on the proposed 2008 budget, with several voicing their opinion on a potential tax increase. Although the tax rate will stay the same as it has the past two years, at 0.68250 per $100 assessed value, the dollar amount is expected to increase about $119 per household due to an increase in tax appraisals.

During discussion at the previous meeting, several people brought up roads in need of repair and what they believe is poor work done on others. Cost overruns in the water project were noted with some questioning the cityís management. Some said they donít feel the tax hike relating to the tax appraisal increase is fair.

Longtime resident Bob Betik called on people to reflect on what each could do to keep taxes and city expenditures down, such as mowing right of way and development entrances and keeping trash picked up in the community.

Betik also suggested volunteering as a way to give back to the community.