OVILLA – With department activity reports taking up the majority of Monday night’s Ovilla City Council meeting, the meeting began an hour earlier than usual with Ovilla Police Chief Mike Moon leading off and discussing his hiring of a new officer, Donald Fullerton.

Moon also discussed and explained the department’s 2010 Racial Profiling Report, noting that of the 516 stops and 11 arrests, 455 of those were Caucasian, 68 African-American and four Hispanic. Of the 527, in only three cases did the officer know the race or ethnicity prior to the stop. There were 25 searches conducted with five consent and 20 non-consent.

Later in the meeting, council approved an appointment from Moon of an unpaid, reserve police officer applicant, Richard Kretlow, to carry a weapon as a participating representative of the Ovilla Police Reserve Program.

The council approved an order for a special election for the city to be held on May 14 for the purpose of the reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the city at the rate of one-fourth of 1 percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets. 

Every four years this vote is necessary, according to law. While the vote is not needed until November, calling the special election saves taxpayers money by holding the special election during May’s city council elections.

A resolution passed appointing an election judge and an alternate election judge, appointing an early voting ballot board for the May 14 general election and the May 14 special election; appointing an early voting clerk and deputy clerks; and setting the method of tallying ballots. Also approved was a joint election agreement between Midlothian ISD and the city of Ovilla.

All council members approved a revision to the city’s employee handbook regarding “Use of City Vehicles” permitting volunteer fire fighters, volunteer police officers and city council members to drive city-owned or leased vehicles on official city business.

A vote authorizing the Ovilla 4B Economic Development Commission to contract with a retail coach for a city market analysis with an expenditure of $8,500 passed. It was also approved for the city to declare existing surplus property to be sold, probably through an online auction, according to City Administrator Randy Whiteman.